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001 Adventures In Water With Dendrobium Orchids

Dendrobium Orchids are some of our favorite flowers. They come in a variety of colors, are available year round, and give the impression of status and prestige. In this e-book we will teach you two really neat designs using dendrobiums. One arrangement is classical in style, the other incorporating river cane, hypericum and protea is contemporary. Learn how to get a prestige look quickly and easily. (16 pages)

002 Basket Design

Basket designs are where it’s at! In this great floral digital cookbook we teach you how to take just a few items--some ginger, miniature carnations, carnations, statice and a fuji and come up with a stunning basket arrangement that has an expensive look, yet is quite easy to make. Impress your family and friends! (23 pages)

003 Big Romantic Design

There are times when one wants to make a romantic statement in a way that is different. This "how-to-do-it" presents a very large and impressive arrangement in rainbow foam cubes and glass featuring roses, and larkspur. It is contemporary in feeling and impressive. (17 pages)

004 Celebration design

There are so many great events in life to celebrate. From birthdays, to anniversaries to weddings, this incredible and impressive arrangement will help you celebrate them all! Materials used include larkspur, miniature sunflowers, miniature carnations, roses, and liatris. This design can be adapted for both one sided and all the way around viewing. Spectacular! (31 pages)


005 Centerpiece With Topiary Option

Centerpieces are designs that are placed in the middle of a table and can be viewed from all sides. They are quite useful for a wide range of occasions from dinner parties to wedding receptions and more! In this neat "how-to-do-it" you will learn how to make a centerpiece. With a quick and easy modification it becomes a topiary that can also be used as a centerpiece! Neat! It becomes a two for one. WOW!!! (14 pages)

006 Cheerful Spring Basket--Wonderful Variations On A Theme

Floral art is aesthetically pleasing. But it can also have different psychological effects depending upon your choice of materials and color. In this e-book we teach how to create a very cheerful and optimistic look in a delightful spring arrangement. To give you the greatest possible value, we show six different possible ending points for this arrangement, and provide an alternative materials chart. Spring-like and cheerful, this arrangement can be adapted to other seasons as well. (31 pages)

007 Classical Elegance Line Design

Linear designs are vase arrangements featuring a wide range of geometric shapes. This "how-to-do-it" presents an interpretation of linear styles deriving a hybrid, presented with class and pizzazz. Six different possible ending points allow you to take one design idea and derive a number of impressive arrangements from it. This presentation gives great value and is one of our favorites! (32 pages)

008 Classical Elegance Line Design II

If you liked “Classical Elegance Line Design” then you are also going to love this one.....Linear designs are vase arrangements featuring a wide range of geometric shapes. This e-book presents an dramatic interpretation of a classic inverted T shape and presents it with style and class. Roses, tulips, curly willow and statice are combined into a sleek and exciting arrangement. The role of contrast in floral art is stressed. Foam based. (30 pages)

009 Classical Christmas With Boxwood And Roses

This arrangement displays the lavish beauty of classical floral art applied to holiday designing. The content features roses combined with boxwood to create a table arrangement that is rich, showy, lavish and desirable. Can be adapted to other seasons throughout the year. The effect is impressive, and with our expert instruction, easy to achieve. (17 pages)

010 Cone Shaped Topiary Design

The floral field has adopted the concept of topiary from gardening with spectacular results. In this floral digital cookbook you will learn how to make a cone shaped topiary design, rich and opulent. Several additional variations featuring topiary techniques are presented. Alternative materials selection chart included. (28 pages

011 Contemporary Winter Water Designs

This is one terrific "how-to-do-it!" The style is contemporary. The media is water based. Four variations on a theme and one additional arrangement give great value as we explore seasonal designs with a very different look. Easy to make and fun to explore! (17 pages)

012 Easter Basket Design

Easter not only commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus, but also celebrates spring! In this e-book we learn how to make an attractive and lavish Easter Basket. Materials include heather, spray roses, artificial eggs and carnations. A holistic approach to floral art is presented. Presentation contains an alternative materials chart to help you adapt the content to other holidays as well. (21 pages)

013 Elegant Bird of Paradise Design

Bird of Paradise are widely regarded and admired as some of the most sought after exotic flowers. We present an impressive offering incorporating bird of paradise, liatris, hydrangea and mixed foliages in a basket arrangement. Five variations on a theme give you even more value! Be sure to use the ideas found in this floral digital cookbook when you want to make a large arrangement meant to impress. (18 pages

014 Elegant Holly Arrangements

Nothing says “Winter” and “Christmas” better than holly foliage. In this terrific e-book we present two abundant and lavish arrangements containing holly. One design is more natural/casual, the other a more formalized biedermeier format. Profusely illustrated. Construction is quick and easy with our detailed step-by-step instruction. Impress your family and friends with these two designs. (24 pages)

015 Everyday Design I

Everyday designs are arrangements that can be used just about anywhere. They can grace our tables as centerpieces. They can be used on a side table or a bureau. They may be featured for holidays or not. They are average sized and pleasant to enjoy as we go about our daily lives. These kinds of designs are commonly made by professional floral designers in large numbers. They are showy and quick and easy to stylize....quick and easy that is with the proper instruction from the Rittners Floral School Team! (22 pages)

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