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How Do I Choose What To Buy?



This link will give you a Free PDF Catalog of All of Our Distance Floral Art "how-to-do-its"!!!! You can download this free catalog and read a detailed description of all of our available distance education resources when you are offline.

But here is an idea to help make your selection choice even easier!

If we look at the over seventy-five digital floral "cookbooks" available, we find that we can divide them into various categories.... For example, a number of designs are made in baskets, or have a romantic theme, or incorporate really interesting techniques.....

For your convenience we have summarized below nineteen different categories of designs. Click on each of the categories, and you will download a pdf document listing all the titles that fit into that category.... ENJOY!!

Here are the various categories.... Please click on each to explore:

1. Baskets
2. Centerpieces
3. Contemporary Expressions
4. Everyday Designs
5. Exotics
6. Extremely Easy Designs
7. Interesting Techniques
8. Line Arrangements/High Style
9. Novelties
10. Party Designs
11. Romance
12. Rose Designs
13. Seasonal Fall
14. Seasonal Spring
15.Seasonal Winter
16. Topiary
17. Tributes
18. Water Based Designs
19. Weddings

Some Tips:

1. Designs may fit into more than one category.

For example the "Fun With Tuips and Curly Willow" floral digital cookbook at the right features instruction in five easy designs in a water base. This could be listed both under "Water Based Designs" and also "Extremely Easy Designs." A huge number of designs from many of the other categories could also be used for "Weddings," etc.

2. There is no minimum number of floral digital "cookbooks" that you have to buy nor a specific sequence, or a sequence that must be followed.....

There is no minimum number of "how-to-do-its" that you 'have' to buy. You may buy as many as you’d like. Because of the inexpensive cost of these instructional materials, it is easy to buy three or four to start with just to see what they are like. Nor is there any specific sequence that you 'have' to follow. They may be enjoyed in any order! Remember. These are not a diploma course. They are like having digital floral design cookbooks!

The numbers assigned to each title (eg. 001PPV, 002PPV, etc. ) are just to provide order. Nothing more...If you need to know something before being able to follow the instruction (eg. how to make bows) it is clearly stated in the pdf catalog of all the "how-to-do-its" available. Our unique way of teaching allows you to jump into just about every "how-to-do-it" and be able to enjoy and benefit from it regardless of your prior floral design background or experience....

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Rittners Floral School Distance Education.....Best described as huge numbers of pictures showing step-by-step how to make all kinds of neat floral art, along with detailed instruction. They are easy to download..and easy to access on both Windows and Mac computers...Over seventy-five titles now available featuring collectively over one hundred floral designs.....Step-by-step, world class floral art instruction. Tons of pictures....Inexpensive. Enjoyable. Available to you at any time of day or night at the click of a button! (After you pay for them of course!) And they are only $12.50 per "how-to-do-it." That's right........$12.50.......... A really great deal!!! Smiling. You can't go wrong at that price!!

Please buy these floral digital "cookbooks!" You will enjoy them and it will help us update our computer systems and feed the dog....


(Especially feed the dog. She eats a lot!)







It is no wonder that many people say...."If you really want to learn floral designing.... Go to Rittners Floral School in Boston...."