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How To Make A Large Contemporary St Patrick's Day Vase Arrangement

We all too often associate St Patrick's Day vase arrangements with classical mounds of carnations and poms. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that approach. People love it. It provides great value.

But as floral designers we can do so much more.

In this video we show how you can use a black container, and some upscale materials to create a contemporary floral piece for St Patrick's Day with lots of appeal....

At Rittners Floral School we believe that anyone can create floral designing. We love to teach how floral art can be quick and easy! This video is a good example. Enjoy! And from all of us at Rittners Floral School, have fun incorporating these ideas into your own floral designing!


(And, hey, if you enjoyed and learned a lot in this brief demonstration think of how much more you would enjoy and learn by taking one of our great hands-on workshop courses!)

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This video used great floral imports from Israel. Click here to view a gallery of photographs of designs incorporating imported flowers from Israel.

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