Welcome To Flower School. Welcome to Rittners School of Floral Design

At Rittners Floral School we are floral design experts. We specialize in teaching floral designing. Our school enjoys a long and proud multigenerational history. Long enough in existence to really know what we're doing. Yet dynamic and fresh in our approach.

We are a REAL floral design school, licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, not a flower shop running classes out of a back room or basement, a part time program in a retail or wholesale location or a designer running from one city to another to run temporary "schools." Our programs are run in large, airy classrooms in a full time facility that actually is a school.

In other words, we are the real thing... An actual school of floral designing where teaching is our primary business. Folks from all over North America and abroad attend our school, attracted by the excellence of our programs and by the outstanding reputation of our school in the teaching of floral art.

We are known for great teaching.... We pace our courses carefully so that students can learn and absorb the information. And when the course is over--we are here for you, and we are known for strong backup and support.

In other words, our school where you go if you want to learn floral designing and want it taught well-- and our school features not only great floral designers but a staff that includes real teaching credentials. Yes the QUALITY of your teaching DOES make a difference in how easily you will learn, how much fun you will have and how much you will retain after the course is over.

And our school is located in one of the nicest residential neighborhoods of Boston.

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People take our floral design programs for various reasons.

  • For rest and relaxation-- to reduce anxiety...for stress reduction and to have a great time.
  • To take your current floral design skills to an even higher level....
  • To work in or own your own floral business
  • To do events/parties and weddings out of your home or by appointment......
  • To add floral decorating services to your existing allied business (e.g. caterer, or interior decorator, etc.)
  • For cultural purposes.
  • As an artist, to learn an art form utilizing natural media.
  • For the satisfaction and enjoyment of learning a new skill or improving a preexisting one.
  • Flower shops like to encourage employees and potential employees to attend our school for they know that trained and capable designers can be far more productive.
  • To just get out and have some well deserved fun!!!

Regardless of your reason for seeking floral design education, if you are really fascinated with flowers and floral art we are the place to study!!

In the past, to learn professional floral designing skills required long years in trial and error apprenticeship approaches......Today people from all parts of North America, as well as from various sections of the globe come to The Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, to enjoy our outstanding hands-on workshop Diploma Floral Courses taught by flower arranging experts who are also great teachers.

At Rittners, we not only want to teach you floral design, but we work hard to provide the kind of school where you will have fun and really enjoy yourself! The ultimate compliment that folks say about our school is "Wow. Rittners Flower School is a school that doesn't feel like a school! It's a great experience and a fun place to go!"

Great Classes Coming Up Soon:

Floral Art is a skill that can enhance your life. Learning Floral Art can be a wonderful experience....WE have many programs to meet a variety of scheduling concerns.

Perhaps your goal is to reduce stress and earn some well deserved fun, or to earn bragging rights with your friends and family......Or maybe you would like to unleash your creativity and enjoy the pleasure of making beautiful things using natural media. Perhaps you would like to learn new Money Making Skills....

Regardless of your goals...we have just the right amazing hands-on workshop course for you...


12.5 Week Evening Course--For those seeking a very detailed part time program in floral art--that gives amazing value. Tues and Thurs Evenings. Offered twice a year this year starting in Oct and Jan. Accepting registrations now for Jan 2021. Register Early. Enrollment Limited. If interested call us at 617-267-3824


Six Month Day Course -- Our most comprehensive Floral Art Program. People take this one not only for vocational purposes but also because it is a wonderful and fun course to enjoy! Starts Sept 2021 (phone us at 617-267-3824


Short Day Courses--For those seeking a very detailed part time program in floral art--that gives amazing value during the day time. Available in April, June and July/Aug. Like a summer floral camp for adults. Recreational! Fun! Make your spring/summer count! If interested call us at 617-267-3824


Concentrated Spring Evening Course--A detailed part time program in floral art--that gives amazing value in a very short period of time. Great for local folks who want to learn as much as they can in an enjoyable after work format. Mon and Weds Evenings. This course is also a great one for those who want to learn a lot, but don't want a rushed or stressed experience. The pacing on this one is really nice, yet you'll be impressed at how much you will learn in a very short time. Dates to be announced. If interested call us at 617-267-3824


The Amazing Floral Design Week--You want to learn a huge amount of floral art and you want to learn it very quickly. We have the perfect program for you. This is an intense yet fun Day Program in Floral Art that runs for a one week period Mon-Fri mornings. Dates to be announced. If interested call us at 617-267-3824


Rittners Floral School Online Courses/Lessons--You want to enjoy FLORAL ART ONLINE Education? A Course? A Video? An ePUblication? We've got something special for you too. THESE ARE AMAZING VALUES AND VERY REASONABLY PRICED. Go to our floralschool online store to browse. If you have any questions please feel free to phone us at 617-267-3824


Single Session "Fun With Flowers Workshops"----Offered occasionally. Upcoming sessions for our Fun With Flowers --- July 18, Aug 15, Sept 19, Oct 17. (Limited enrollment..Reserve now!)


"Bridal Boot Camp for the Do It Yourself Bride"----You don't want a whole series of classes. You want one or two design sessions so that you can learn how to make a bouquet, or a centerpiece, boutonniere and corsage. You want to learn it well, at a reasonable pace. You want it at a reasonable price. You have come to the right place. We've got the solution for you. Learn a lot and have a great time! Next Class Date: To be announced.


"Events For YOUR Group"----A Fun With Flowers Class is a wonderful way to have a memorable time for your group. Whether your goal is team building, stress reduction, or social, the advantage of coming to us for a floral class is that we have the experience and teaching skills to provide an amazing floral art experience that will always be remembered. Combine a birthday experience, bachelorette party, bridal shower or celebrating any occasion with floral art! It does make a difference when your instructor has degrees in teaching as well as being a great floral designer. Call us and make your arrangements with us!


Discover The Rittners Floral School Difference For Yourself.... 

More about what makes our school special...

Feel free to phone us at 617-267-3824 for information or email us at for more information. Much easier to ask questions and get information quickly and easily by phone.

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Rittners Floral School Online Courses/Lessons

You want to learn floral art any time, any place. In the comfort, safety and the convenience of your home. We have some amazing materials available for you onine.


The De-Stressor: An Introduction To Floral Design Course. A nice, fun enjoyable online course in floral art taught by Dr Steve Rittner. You will enjoy my easy to follow video presentations, benefit from print ePublication support, and even get positive personal feedback about your designs. Assumes no prior floral design background. And it gets even better! This is a Certificate Program. And the price is right. Want more information? Go to our new online education store!


Individual Floral Video Lessons You want online lessons presented by video about a given subject. (not a course). Something quick and easy to follow in a step-by-step sequence. We have a number of these lessons available. Reasonably priced! Want more information? Go to our new online education store!


ePublications Videos are nice, but wouldn't it be neat to get online education where you could see step-by-step photos along with a detailed description of how to make various florals? An amazing value. Want more information? Go to our new online education store!



Any questions? Please feel free to phone us at 617-267-3824

Give Your Loved One a Truely Unique Gift.... The Gift of Creativity.....Gift Cards/Certificates Are Available

旻or A Hands On Floral Experience

旻or A Great Online Floral Course


A wide range of options are available, from our Online Courses to our Hands-on Workshop Programs.

We have all kinds of options from a one session "Fun With Flowers" to longer programs like our Amazing Concentrated Day or Evening Courses....

Any questions feel free to phone us at 617-267-3824!

This is a wonderful Christmas, Valentine, or Birthday Gift. It is a wonderful romantic or "unexpected" gift.....Your gift is the gift of a wonderful experience, and a great memory. It will be remembered as unique, unusual and a lot of fun!




Floral Design Day is Feb 28th: A Holiday To Celebrate Floral Designing As An Art Form




Great Evening Course in Floral Designing At Rittners Floral School

Evening Course--12.5 Weeks

Starts Jan 2021

Limited Enrollment/Small Classes. Register Now.




One of our best programs.....This amazing course is for local folks who want to learn floral designing after work hours and who want to have a great time! It is designed specifically for folks seeking floral art skills, yet want a fun course scheduled so that it won't interfere with their daily work. It appeals to complex work and lifestyle schedules as well as to the pocketbook. NO PRIOR FLORAL BACKGROUND IS REQUIRED. People take this one for stress reduction, to develop as a floral artist, or to learn money making skills. Starts in October and again in January. Tues and Thurs Evenings. Call us at 617-267-3824 for more information. Click Here To See How We Do It The Right Way At Rittners Floral School....
Accepting Registrations Now.

Click this link to read more about our 12.5 Week Evening Course


Exciting Spring and Summer Fun Floral Art Workshop Diploma Course--Run Days Starting:


Spring/Summer 2021


Our Spring and Summer Fun Concentrated Courses are incredibly popular programs. Offered three times each year, in April, June and July/Aug.

It is designed for folks who want to learn a lot in a short period of time. It covers the same content as our longer 12.5 Week Evening Course, but is offered over user friendly shorter periods of time during daytime hours.

The Concentrated Course starts simply (NO PRIOR FLORAL BACKGROUND REQUIRED) but also includes intermediate and advanced techniques. It is very practical and no prior background is necessary. It is a diploma program.

The designing is amazing and ranges from the handtied bouquet so popular with today's bride, to designing under water ( no scuba gear necessary ), to designing with exotics and even novelty designing such as the poodle made of flowers!

This course is awesome!! Have fun and learn money making skills! Impress your family and friends. Earn bragging rights as you bring home all of the neat floral designs that you will make!

Click this link to read more about our Concentrated Courses.


Special Concentrated Spring Evening Course-Floral Design--

Dates: To Be Announced

This course is designed for busy professionals and for those whose obligations during the day require an after-hours kind of program. Specifically, this program is ideal for those seeking a professional level course in floral designing at night of short duration and for folks on a very tight budget. Our Spring Evening Program is a great way to enjoy a few hours after work in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere!! This class usually has quite an interesting mixture of folks from many diverse backgrounds. This program provides a terrific way to get out, meet new people, reduce stress and have a great time, while learning practical commercial floral art skills! The primary emphasis in The Evening Course is on the hands-on workshop floral designing. Impress your family and your friends with all the neat floral designs that you will be bringing home and with the skills that you will acquire!

Limited Enrollment--First Come, First Served.

Please follow the link below for more detailed information:


The Amazing Floral Design Week --

Mon-Friday-----To Be Announced

You are seeking an intense floral designing experience where you can learn as much as possible in as short a time as possible.

Well we have the perfect program for you. It's called "The Amazing Floral Design Week."

This program gives an amazing overview of floral art skills. You will learn over 20 designs in an intensive week of hands-on workshop designing. Designing includes hemispherical floral art, high style approaches, contemporary floral ideas such as parallel and pave, water based floral art in addition to foam based florals. You will learn hand tied approaches, flowers to wear, how to create informal floral looks, and designing with exotics.

Earn bragging rights! Your family and friends will really be impressed with the floral art skills that you acquire at Rittners Floral School.

And you will be learning in a real floral school, licensed by the Commonwealth--not a temporary part time program. No prior background required. Limited Enrollment--First Come, First Served.

Please follow the link below for registration information:

  • Click Here For More Information And An Enrollment Flier For The Amazing Floral Design Week


    Six Month Day Course In Floral Design & Floral Business Skills Starting Every September

    September 2021


    Our Six Month Day Course is our longest running program and one of the finest programs of its kind in North America.

    Have some well deserved fun and learn practical money making skills in this hands-on floral art course. No prior background is necessary. Amaze your friends, family and acquaintances with all of the wonderful floral art that you will bring home!

    Our Six Month Day Course assumes no prior background. It starts simply but includes intermediate and advanced skills.

    Floral Designing daily from mid September till mid March produces very capable floral designers!

    "When you learn enough about floral designing, you may think of yourself as floral designer, but it's only when you can successfully market and sell those designs that you can consider yourself a professional.... "The Six Month Day Course meets this very practical need and goes into detail about specialized floral business related subjects.

    Earn bragging rights.

    Make them all envious!

    This amazing program is offered only once each year.


    Want to join the fun? Limited Enrollment. First Come, First Served. Still some space availability. Accepting Registrations Now.

    Phone us at 617-267-3824

    We Do It The Right Way At Rittners Floral School....

    Click this link to read more about our Amazing Six Month Day Course.



    Bridal Boot Camp For The Do-It-Yourself Bride

    Next Date: To Be Announced

    Bridal Boot Camp I -The Hand Tied Bouquet

    Bridal Boot Camp II -Centerpiece, and Boutonniere/Corsage




    Save Money! Earn Bragging Rights...No complex series of classes. At Rittners Floral School we will teach you how to make these things--quick and easy--and inexpensively! Click on this link for details.


    Fun With Flowers Workshop-Sats.

    Upcoming Dates:


    July 18--Fun With Flowers

    Aug 15--Fun With Flowers

    Sept 19--Fun With Flowers

    Oct 17---Fun With Flowers


    Looking for a one session workshop?

    Just want just go out -- play with flowers -- have a great time -- but not seeking a more involved course?

    This workshop came about by popular demand... Many folks have been asking us for a wonderful hands-on floral art workshop-- A one session workshop taught in a real school of floral art taught by a real teacher.....Our combination of practical floral designing skills plus teaching degrees/skills does make a difference in the quality of your experience..... The dates are listed above.

    Make an incredible floral design with seasonal materials. All your flowers, and materials are provided for you... Take your completed floral art home to show off to your family and friends!! Makes a wonderful activity to do with a friend or loved one. Many people have used this not only as a shared activity but also as a Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day Gift.

    Click on this link for details.


    A Quick Video About Rittners Floral School.....

    Ok. This video is very short and was a lot of fun to create. It also is pure unabashed self promotion.

    And... Why not?

    Our School has a lot to be proud of. Rittners Floral School is one of the finest floral training centers in North America. Our school has a great mix of disciplined learning and pure joy! Our approach is that learning floral designing can and should be fun and enjoyable.... And we have the floral know how, the teaching skills and the educational resources to do it right... Our students have a great time. They are taught by people who really know how to teach and enjoy sharing floral art. They design with flowers everyday and take home every design they make to impress their family, neighbors and friends. Our whole approach is based not only on learning floral art.... but enjoying the process. I think you can get a quick sense of that approach in this short video... Wonderful and pleasant teaching, a creative environment, playing with beautiful flowers and learning how to profit from your design skills... Life doesn't get any better than that! It is not surprising that many of our graduates tell us that taking a course here at Rittners Floral School is one of the nicest things they've ever done for themselves.

    Need more information? Want information sent to you by email? Have questions? Need more guidance as to which course is right for you? We are easy to reach and the phone is the quickest way to ask a variety of questions. Phone us at 617-267-3824.

    We are often asked, when is our "deadline" for admissions for our various courses. We don't have "deadlines." We take pride in being a small school with personalized classes. Once a course is filled we close enrollment to that program. The application process is easy. To assure yourself a space in a course, please register soon!

    Limited Enrollment--First Come, First Served.




    Steve Jobs Flower Tribute Page


    We noted with sorrow the passing of an original American Icon, Steve Jobs...May his passion for design, and excellence inspire us all.....






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    We have all kinds of free resources on this page to help the Romantic in you!








    Will Learning Floral Design Improve Your Sex Life and Bring you Fame and Fortune?


    Good. Glad we caught your attention.....

    There are some ground breaking studies that suggest that flowers may be very good for you!!

    Read this article for some very interesting information about how flowers and learning floral designing may enhance your life.....




    SMR Stephanotis & Gardenia Galleries:

    For your convenience here is a free book all about stepnanotis. It is called Stephanotis and the Art of Floral Design! Click on the link below to download. Enjoy!!

    Stephanotis And The Art of Floral Design


    Gallery 3--NEW GALLERY!--Having Fun With SMR Stephanotis and Gardenias

    Gallery 2-- More Wonderful Things To Make With SMR Stephanotis and Gardenias

    Gallery 1--- Rittner Students Really Enjoy Playing With Some Great Stephanotis from SMR Stephanotis!

    Blooming of Beloit Galleries:


    Fun With Spring Flowers

    Fun With Flowers From Israel!

    Breaking Boundaries With Ornamental Berries In Your Designing...

    Mascots At Rittners School of Floral Design!

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    Yes Rittners School is a REAL school of floral designing--Not a basement of a flower shop, or a back room of a retail or wholesale business!! ..... We are the REAL thing. And we are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, Office of Private Occupational School Education