Floral Art Programs For YOUR Group!

In addition to our regularly scheduled diploma/Certificate programs we also are quite willing to do specialized programs for social and professional groups, for team building and social purposes.

We can create a floral event for you that will give your friends/colleagues/family, wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

Make your arrangements with us!

Contact us for more information. (617-267-3824)



There is actually a lot of interesting research being done at the present time that suggests that not only is floral designing a wonderful, and fun thing to do, but flowers, play/recreation, and nature can actually be healthy for you! If play is healthy for you, and nature is healthy for you, and flowers ( a form of nature indoors) are therapeutic for you, think of the combined benefits of playing with flowers!

Want to learn more (or would like to convince your family, friends or bosses/human resources dept, of the health benefits of floral art)?

Here is a link with sources that suggest that play is healthy for you.

Here is a link with sources that suggest that experiences in nature is healthy for you.

Here is a link with sources that suggest that flowers are healthy for you.


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At Rittners Floral School, we believe that learning floral art should be fun!!!!

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us personally, please call us at 617-267-3824, and we will be happy to help you!